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The Black Emporium

The First United Church 


Hastur & The Elder God​s

Our mission is to spread the word of the Elder Gods through Hastur his Avatar and to rid the world of the dregs who corrupt and mismanage it through false religions and political schemes, showing the way to the Truth for all Mankind, that we are small, pretty insignificant insect-forms on a dying planet which will soon be inhabited once again by Lord Cthulhu and his Minions! We practice the rituals, rites, and dogmas of ALL the elder gods, including (but not limited to) Tsathaggua, Yog-Sothoth, Cthaugnar Faugn, Shub Niggurath, Dagon, Hatur, Azathothy, Nyarlathotep and their ilk. Our sacred text is the Necronomicon or Al Azif by the mad poet of Yemen, Abdul Alhazred. We welcome all to worship with us! Amun!

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We are the formal Church of the Elder Gods. All the Elder Gods. Established In The Heir-achy Of Hastur And The Great Old Ones Who Rule Rh’yleh and the Heights Of Irem Between The Thirteen Gates. Our mission is to spread the word of the Elder Gods