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The Black Emporium

The Copper Cauldron

Tavern & Inn

The Copper Cauldron , Tavern & Inn 

Is A Family Owned Tavern & Inn Dedicated To The People In Serving The Old Religion By Drink & Feast


 Bananna Pudding Pie

A Delicious And Savory Dish Made Only At The Copper Cauldron Taver & Inn

Norsk Bananna Pudding Pie
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Phyeonas Oatmeal Delight Del​ish 

A Savory And Delish Delight Of The Copper Cauldron , Good For Those Early Morning Breakfasts When Their Just Isn’t Enough Time. 

Phyeona’s Delish Delight
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Momo’s Norsk Goulash 

Momo’s Norsk Goulash , Has A Deep Flavor And Great Taste For Any Occasion As It Is Warm And Savory. Momo’s Goulash Is Soul Food 

Momo’s Norsk Goulash
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